what the fuck is even going on behind her on the board? 

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Anonymous: Dear: My past self.

Dear past self,

You’re going to make it through, I can promise you that. It may take time, but you’ll be happy one day.

Make good choices. On December 12th 2011, your life will change, and you’ll fall in love instantly. Don’t be big headed, let things go. But don’t be pushed around, either. Find a balance, and stick to it. Kiss him every chance you get. Stay with him on the night of his graduation walk up. Hold him. Don’t let him go. Don’t ever let him go. You’ll talk of kids one day, you’ll even live with him… but if you make the same mistakes that I did, you’ll wake up to a call in the middle of the night, and you won’t see it coming.

Don’t let your anxiety control your life. You’ll lose friends. Your boyfriend. Your job. You’ll strain your relationship with your family. It literally will control every aspect of you if you let it. You’ll become it.

Love yourself. Every part of you. From head to toe.